The Ultimate Sub-Ohm Parallel Coil Wrapping Guide

The Ultimate Sub-Ohm Parallel Coil Wrapping Guide


Every so often new types of coils come out which are hit-or-miss. The parallel coil is the real deal however. Get the power of a dual coil set up in one single coil without the hassle of twisting. Although it’s tricky to set up properly, the parallel coil packs a serious punch and allows you to cover a huge surface area with very little resistance. I find the .5 – .6 ohms is a sweet spot with these coils and can produce some serious clouds. It’s a fun coil to play with and produces awesome results.

If you’re looking for a coil to jump right into cloud chasing, this is the coil you want right now.

Things you’ll need

Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 3

1/16″ drill bit
2-6″ length of 28g kanthal a1 wire
Clippers (fingernail clippers will work)

This is a coil I just done up to try Sub-ohm building. This will produce a lot of clouds, ton of favor and a medium-hot vape. This is done on a trident clone and a nemesis mech mod clone running an efest 18350 fully charged battery.

First step is to grab your kanthal wire and cut 2 6″ lengths of wire. You’ll want to wrap each wire around the 1/16″ drill bit for a total of 8 wraps. Try to get them as close as possible, you can finish it up and perfect the coils when its on the mod and you heat it up.
Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 1

Next thing you want to do is attach them to your RDA (trident RDA in this example). There are 3 post, the middle is the positive post, the 2 on the ends are your negative post. Put one coil on one side of the RDA, feed 1 lead into the outside negative post and the other lead into the middle post. You can hand tighten the negative post to help hold the coil. Do the same thing with the other coil but on the other side. Put the negative lead in the second negative post and the positive into the middle post that your first coil positive lead is…they will share the same positive post. Clip the excess leads off and make sure the coils aren’t touching the base, edges, or anything else or they will short out.

Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 2
Next thing you’ll want to do is heat those coils up…you’ll want them glowing from the inside out. Heat them up til they both glow, then squeeze them together. You dont want to squeeze to hard, just enough to squeeze the coils together. Continue doing this until they glow from the inside out, even across the coil. If you wrapped them identical they should both glow at the same time. You can also put the drill bit inside the coil and raise the coils up, or straighten it out if they are at an angle. Make sure you do not mess with the coils with the drill bit or tweezers while you are heating the coils or you will short and pop a coil.
Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 3

Once you have the coils just right, its now time to wick them. I used cotton from a cotton ball on this one, just make sure you get the sterile cotton from CVS or some place like that. You can boil the cotton for 30 minutes if your paranoid. This step is really a judgement call, I can’t tell you the exact amount you’ll need to feed threw the coils. You want it thick enough to pull threw easily, but not so easy it falls out if you blow on it. It needs to be snugish. The cotton will expand when you put juice on it. You can twist and roll the cotton into little links to help out fishing it threw the coil. Once it’s fed threw, use scissors to cut excess cotton off. You’ll want about 1′ of cotton threw each coil.

Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 4

What i did here was tuck the cotton under the coil to basically make it a oval. I also took some excess cotton that i had when i trimmed off to stuff under each coil to give it a cotton cloud. This is also help hold more juice. Once you have your cotton place, saturate it with your juice.

Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 5

Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 6

Last step is air hole position. You want the biggest air hole (i drilled my biggest air holes to 1/8″) in front of each coil. This is crucial to get your vape and flavor. Once you have your air holes set, pop your drip tip on a vape on.

This build measures out at .5ohms Each coil is 1ohm. If you wanted a single coil build, just leave out the second coil and use only 1 air hole in front of the coil.

Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 7 Parallel Coil Guide Tutorial 8

Credit: Spyk3


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