Tools Every Vaper Should be Using

Tools Every Vaper Should be Using


So whether if you’re new to vaping or an expert, I’m sure you aware by now that there are a few tools you should be utilizing to check your builds and make sure you are in a safe limit for your batteries. Here are just a few of the top tools I use when building coils to make sure I’m in a safe range, check wattage, amps, and make e-juice.

1. A Multimeter / Atomizer Ohms meter

Without a multimeter or atomizer meter, you’ll never know what the resistance level of your coil is. If you’re using a vv/vw mod you may have a built in ohms meter but these have been know to give some fluctuation. I would highly recommend somebody have a good multimeter or 510 meter before you stick any sub-ohm coil on a mech mod. You’ll want to know how many amps you’re pulling by using ohm’s law (below) to see if your battery provides the required amps.



2. Ohm’s Law Calculator

Use Ohms law to see how many watts and amps your coil is pulling from your battery. If you’re pulling more amps than your battery can handle you ARE at risk of your battery venting dangerous gasses or even exploding. Play it safe.

Enter 4.2 volts for a fully charged 18650, 18350, or 14500 battery and the ohms of your coil to get the amps and wattage.


3. E-Juice Calculator for nicotine and flavorings

If you like to DIY e-juice to save money and get that perfect flavor like me, you will NEED this calculator. Enter your nicotine base, the amount of milliliters (mL)you would like to make, and about 5% for flavoring.


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