Review: SMY 35W Variable Wattage Mod

Review: SMY 35W Variable Wattage Mod



The SMY 35 is the newest VW box mod that is very similar to the iStick. It supports 1-10 volts and goes up to 35 watts and is a very compact and small form factor. At first glance, it appears to be an iStick and has many of the features and functionality that an iStick has except this goes all the way to 35 watts. It’s a fairly small mod too that fits into pockets well at 4 inches high and 1 inch across. That’s one of the best features of this mod as it’s very compact, fits into pockets well, but packs a punch with 35 watts. Let’s go over the details because I’m sure a lot of you are interested in how this somewhat unknown mod stacks up against the the competition.

SMY 35 Watt Mod Details:

  • 7-35 watts in increments of .1 watt intervals
  • 1-10 volts
  • Fires all the way down to .2 ohms
  • 3 Buttons (Fire, Up, Down)
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • 2200 mAH internal battery (it’s an 18650 soldered in)
  • 4 inches high, 1 inch across, .8 inches deep
  • 510 adujustable pin
  • OLED screen with ohms, firing volts, wattage, and battery level
  • Comes with carrying case, Micro-USB to usb cable, manual
  • Costs about $30

Overall, I’m very impressed with this box mod, especially when you compare it to some more expensive mods that don’t even go up to 35 watts. It looks just like an iStick but unless you go for the iStick 50w, this goes all the way up to 35 watts unlike the iStick (20w and 30w).



As I’ve said before this thing packs a punch at 35 watts for such a small mod. I currently have a 1.0 ohm Orchid V6 on here and it fires up instantly at about 25 watts. This thing is responsive and has yet to miss a beat. What makes this mod really special is that it goes all the way up to 10 VOLTS! Many small mods like these only go up to about 6-8 volts so where they found the power to fit in a volt limit of 10v is pretty impressive. With a volt limit like this, that means you can build coils all the way down to .02 volts which also makes this box mod shine compare to other VW devices out there at the moment. For $30, you’re not going to find this performance anywhere else at the moment until you get to devices like the iStick 50w at around $50. Huge props to SMY here for packing so much power in such a tiny device at a price-point like this.

The 510 firing pin is another nice feature that is adjustable. It’s a small flat head groove that you can adjust up or down. I know I had to raise it quite high for my Orchid V6 but after that I’ve had no issues and it’s a great feature to have. It’ll fit nearly any atomizer since it’s adjustable like that.

Charge is what you would expect. The battery isn’t removable so you’ll have to charge via micro-usb which gives about 1amp. They say charge time is about 1 hour to full but in my experience it’s a bit longer than that. Connected to a wall charger it’ll take about 1.5 hours and connected to a computer or other device which gives less than 1 amp it’ll take about 2.5 hours to full. Unfortunately, you can’t use the device while charging which means that a lot of the time you’ll be unplugging to take a vape and then plugging it back in which will increase your charge times as well. Is this healthy for the battery to keep unplugging it all the time, using the device, and then plugging it back in? Probably not, but time will tell. This is pretty standard for box mods though so not much they could have done here.

The USB port is on the bottom of the device though so if you have an atomizer that may leak on it’s side, it becomes a pain to charge as it won’t stand up straight while plugged in.


User Interface:

The mini OLED screen is very bright and has all the information you would come to expect from a VV box mod. The OHM meter kicks in right when you screw an atomizer in and is very accurate in my experience. When you hit fire, the voltage meter will tell you what voltage it’s ramping up to (or down to) and is also a nice feature to keep track of. The current watt level is the biggest number on the screen and is easy to glance real quickly at. The buttons are solid and I’ve never had a problem with responsiveness. They click down very nicely and have a solid feel to them. When you increase or decrease voltage it cycles up and down very quickly so you can go from about 10 watts to 35 watts with the buttons in about 4 seconds. Overall the UI is very well laid out, minimalistic, and responsive which I was really rather surprised of for a new brand like SMY who you might expect to have some growing pains against their competition.


Battery Life:

Battery life is decent as it has a Samsung 2200 mAH 18650 battery inside. This gets me through the day but there may be times where 2200mah just might not cut it for you. Although it is convenient that it’s a micro usb charging port and you can use external batteries to charge it (or a laptop or something). Vaping at the full 35 watts will burn through the internal battery very quickly though. It’s all about how you use it but battery life is what you would expect from 1 18650 battery.


Gripes (Negatives):

The screen doesn’t turn off while it’s on. This is my biggest gripe. It’s always on until you power down by hitting the power button 3 times. I would have liked to see an option to turn the screen off while vaping and save some battery life. It’s also very bright so while using it that screen will be visible from anywhere.

Charging port is on the bottom, makes it almost impossible to stand up straight while charging.

Adjustable firing pin is very easy to rotate so if you take your atty off and put it back in, it may not be high enough anymore. If you do this throughout the day and don’t have a flat head screw drive around it may be very difficult to get in there and rotate the firing pin again.

When the battery is low it may fire for about and second and stop. You’ll think you’re vaping but really it just cuts off. A little annoying at times.

If you get juice into the 510 pin, I’m not sure where it goes. It’s hard to get a paper towl in there to clean out juice and you sure as hell don’t want juice leaking inside the device.



Amazing performance for the price. Beats iStick in value and has much better performance from a volts / wattage standpoint.

Authentic Samsung cell inside so battery life is decent and should hold many charge cycles.

Can go down to a .02 ohm coil and up to 10 volts. Beats most of the competition for a device this size.

Smooth buttons and adjustable firing pin.

Comes with carrying case and USB cable.

Very compact and solid. This device has already survived some falls with no damage.

2 second boot time.



Overall, like I’ve been saying for the price this device can’t be beaten at the moment. You’ll get a tiny box mod that goes up to 35 watts, 10 volts, and .2 ohm coils for $30. The value is clearly here and the device feels very polished, just like an iStick. The interface is smooth and fires great. It’s a great median between a 20 and 50 watt device and will definitely provide a great all-day vape at a price that is unbeatable.

Thanks again to the guys at GearBest for providing such a great product. They get this straight from the manufacturer so it’ll be the lowest price from them over anyone. I’ve been ordering from them for awhile now and they offer free shipping and I get delivery from China in about 6 days which is crazy fast. You can get one directly from them here:



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