Rebuildable Atomizers: Dripper vs Kayfun vs Genesis

Rebuildable Atomizers: Dripper vs Kayfun vs Genesis

dripper vs kayfun vs genesis



Most drippers are set up more for clouds than flavor, as evidenced by their large chambers. These generally only hold about 20 drops of liquid depending on the amount of wick you can fit into the deck. The juice is only held in the wick and is sucked into the coils. When you run out of juice you pop your cap off and “drip” some more e-juice onto the wicks.


Kayfun 2

Kayfun is a bottom-fed gravity rebuildable atomizer that has an inner chamber housing the coil. Set up properly the flavor is very concentrated and the throat hit is more pronounced than your typical cloud chaser dripper. Cloud production however is not generally on the same level as most drippers due to the smaller chamber and lack of room for dual coils (generally). However, it’s so easy to get a GREAT vape on the Kayfun that it has taken over the market by storm. Recommended for everybody to own for a good all-day vape.



Gennys are typically kind of in the middle. Some of them with larger chambers and expanded air flow can produce some pretty serious clouds. Some have smaller chambers or even optional reducers that can increase flavor but again at the cost of cloud production. And there are some larger drippers now that are oriented a little more towards flavor while still being able of being fog machine.


All in all everything has a trade off.
Some people value 1 aspect over others and pick accordingly. If you want something that’s not hard to set up, has a nice size tank for e-juice, and want a good amount of vapor without creating clouds where ever you go, the Kayfun is a safe bet. Then again, places like FastTech have all of these atomizers available for $15 each or less. If you’re somebody who enjoys vaping not just to get nicotine, buying 1 of each would be ideal!

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