Purchasing and using pre-built coils

Purchasing and using pre-built coils

For many, especially those starting out, building coils is more trouble than it’s worth. Fortunately, companies like FastTech have started selling pre-built coils that are compatible with nearly any device that is rebuildable. You can choose your ohms and you get 50 of them for about $3.50. It’s such a great deal that many won’t even need to learn how to build them at all! I would suggest either of these when you first start because they are very forgiving. Most of the time, as long as you get halfway decent wraps around silica, it will work. Once you get your feet wet, maybe try cotton or microcoils.

These are great for the beginner who wants to enjoy the benefits of an RBA, but aren’t coil experts yet.




You can get 50 of these for an insanely low price at FastTech. Well worth the investment even if you can build coils yourself because they’re so insanely cheap.
Pre-Coiled Welded Wires – NR-R-NR (50-Pack) – $2.17
from: FastTech

If you want to see all their options and resistences, click the link above and search for “Pre-Coiled Welded Wires ”
See this chart for safe vaping guides and what resistance you should buy.

Vaping power chart

Vaping power chart

One more thing to keep in mind… devices all have different characteristics. That chart you have really only works as a guide for devices like clearomizers (like an evod or vivi nova) or cartomizers. Of the device categories, they tend to require the least amount of power to get a good vape. All of those devices have tiny little hair-thin coils packaged into tight spaces. The coils tend to be really thin, high resistance stuff in order to get to the 2/2.5 ohm resistance common. Those coils get can get really hot, even at low power… so there’s a fine line between vaping good and a coil so hot that you start burning juice… Personally, on the evods that I used to use, that line was somewhere in the 9-10 watt range (as indicated by that chart).

But other devices aren’t so unforgiving. Rebuildable devices, like a IGO-l rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), or an RSST ‘genesis’-style rebuildable atomizer (RBA) … Their designs are much easier to rebuild (than a Protank’s coil) and allow for a much larger range of customization…. Different kinds of coils, higher number of wraps, etc… For instance, I have an IGO-l RDA and I use what is called a ‘microcoil’… 10 wraps of 28g wire, wrapped around a 1/16 drill bit… with the wraps pushed together to avoid gaps… it reads as 1.4 ohms. With that type of build, I can vape anywhere from 7 watts to as high as 13 or 14 watts (some people go much higher) without the risk of burning my juice. I don’t have any recorded numbers… but at 12 watts, the coil doesn’t glow nearly as bright as 9 watts on the ‘traditional’ 2.2 ohm 32 gauge coils that I used to wrap on my evods (brighter = hotter).

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