Kayfun 3.1 Microcoil Guide

Kayfun 3.1 Microcoil Guide

Tools required:

1 x Flat nose tweezers
1 x Nail clippers
1 x Philips screwdriver
1 x Blowtorch or Lighter
1 x Mandrel or a 2mm thick drill bit
1 x 14 Gauge needle
1 x 5ml syringe fitted with a 18G Green Luer Lock taper tip or you can use a 20ml Oval Luer Lock bottle, cap & tip
1 x 0.25 Kanthal (around 14cm)
1 x Organic cotton wool, this is what i use: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B…?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Preparation for the Kayfun:

Clean all parts in warm water and thoroughly dry and you should now have this:

Before starting make sure your hands are clean as anything on them like grease etc will be going onto the wire/wick and filler…..you don’t want that.

Building the Kayfun:

Step 1: Hold the 0.25 Kanthal and torch the coil with your blowtorch or lighter until glowing red, this will make the wire less springy and easier too handle:

Step 2: Wrap the coil around a 2mm mandrel nice and tight (i do around 9 turns, this should give about 2.0 ohms resistance) and then push all coils very close together with your fingers towards the mandrel’s edge so they are nice and snug next to each other and keep holding the legs tight at the same time:

Step 3: Gently pull the coil off the mandrel and at the same time holding the legs of the wire place into the tip of a pair of tweezers:

Step 4: Once all held in place in the tweezers flame the coil until red hot and hold tight with the tweezers until cool, do this a couple of times….should end up looking like this:

Step 5: Place the 14 gauge Blunt Needle into the centre of the coil and adjust the legs of the wire so that they are facing north and south:

Step 6: Place the coil between the posts and wrap the legs around the screws and tighten up, once all in place make sure the coil is dead in the center and lined up with the air hole, if not reposition it with your tweezers, also make sure the coil is NOT touching the base or it will short:

Step 7: Get the end of each hanging wire and wiggle them off for a clean snap:

Step 8: Place the base onto a device and check the resistance is fine, you can also do some dry burns too burn of any remaining impurities and at the same time you can use your tweezers too squeeze the coils even tighter together (don’t touch the coils with anything whilst you are firing the device):

Step 9: Now get some cotton wool and pull apart a bit that will be enough for the wick, not too much and not too less….this bit is by judgement so you need to guess right, If you use too much cotton the coil will strangle it and it won’t wick fast enough, if you use to little it will wick too fast and you may get leaks, Get the cotton and roll into a tube, not too tight and not too loose, then feed it through your microcoil, if the microcoil moves out of place once you have fed your cotton through just adjust it back with your tweezers:

Step 10: Now trim the cotton wool and make sure it is not too short and not too long, it should be touching the base and NOT blocking the juice channel:

Step 11: Wet the wick with your chosen juice, best to do this as you can now easily adjust the cotton so that it sits nice and snug at the base and just behind the juice channel:

Step 12: Assemble it all back together, get your 5ml syringe fitted with a 18G Green Luer Lock taper tip or you can use a 20ml Oval Luer Lock bottle, cap & tip and fill up with your chosen juice, when filling the syringe i tend to suck some juice up and release it back into the bottle just to get rid of any air that is inside the syringe:

Step 13: I fully close the airflow control and hold the Kayfun upside down at a 11 o’clock position and then push my 5ml syringe fitted with a 18G Green Luer Lock taper tip or you can use a 20ml Oval Luer Lock bottle into the filler hole nice and secure:

Step 14: Fill the Kayfun nice and slowly until all you see is a small air pocket of space left, don’t fill any further than this:

Step 15: Once filled slowly turn into the upright position, dry vape on the kayfun and at the same time adjust the airflow screw until you find the right air draw for you, Once you have found the right draw for you do some more dry vapes to speed up the saturation of the wick, enjoy your newly wicked Kayfun 3.1

Credit: RomeleeSource: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/tutorials/503153-kayfun-3-1-microcoil-cotton-guide.html

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