Hollow core Micro Coil build for ARO, Evod, and Protank atomizers

Hollow core Micro Coil build for ARO, Evod, and Protank atomizers

I set out to come up with a micro coil build that is a VV friendly device. Something that would work well with my Billet Box, as well as any other VV device including eGo twist etc. Folks, no exaggeration, hype, or humble opinion. This is the holy grail. Seriously, it is that good. If it doesn’t work for you, ya didn’t build it right lol.

I’m getting a great vape at 4.3 volts. Never a dry hit, no flooding, and the cotton wick after 6 mils looks brand spanking new with not even a hint of discoloration. Just freaking rocks!

First pic is the ARO head disassembled and the initial micro coil build. 13/14 wrap of 30ga Nichrome using 18ga blunt needle for the wrap. This makes a 1.8ohm coil. Kanthal would come in right at 2 ohms. Size of wrap is important both for overall resistance, airway size and physical length of coil. Mech users can use 28ga wire, but be sure that the coil length extends from just above the heads positive pin to the top of the where the wick opening normally is. This must be correct!

Next bend the legs. The short leg will be the positive connection.

Now with the needle in place to assist in alignment, begin the assembly. We want the bottom of the coil just above where the positive pin will be down in the cup. Coil needs to be in alignment with the air hole of the positive pin.

Now with the coil in place and centered, bend the legs to prevent the coil from moving out of position when the grommet and pin are fully inserted. Push the positive pin on in, remove the needle, adjust the coil if needed, and remove the excess legs.

Coil should look like the pics below. Again, bottom of the coil just above the positive pine, and the other end should be at the same height of the wick opening once the stem is placed. In other words, the height where the wick hole becomes a straight slot below the v or taper.

Now using several small pieces of cotton ball, stuff the area around the coil. Pack it in tight, not loose! Not the way we’d do it for a cotton wick inside of the coil. Prime till saturated insuring the airway is clear. You should be able to see cleanly through the coil much like one would do with a filler carto. In fact this works much like a filler carto only with much much better flavor, and vapor production, and a looser draw.

Credit:Big Screen D

Source: http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/modding-forum/477072-bsds-vertical-hollow-core-micro-coil-build-aro-evod-protank-heads.html

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