Flying & Traveling with E Cigs – What you need to know

Flying & Traveling with E Cigs – What you need to know

Flying & traveling with e cigs

We’ve heard all the horror stories about trying to travel with your e cig gear. Security agents mistaking mech mods as pipe bombs, VV devices as illegal drug paraphernalia, issues with spare batteries, foreign bans on electronic cigarettes, etc. The list goes on and traveling with devices is a complete headache. Make sure you’re prepared! Nothing is more painful than having to throw away all of your gear in the trash at an airport because someone mistakes your devices for something else. Read this info and educate yourself so you can explain exactly what you’re carrying and what you’re entitled to and legally allowed to travel with.

Traveling with Lithium Batteries / Spare Batteries / VV/VW Mods & Box Mods:

Lithium batteries are once again under the spotlight due to their ability to explode / cause fires / crash planes, whatever. You’re good with your devices in carry-ons but NOT spare batteries in checked baggage. If they’re inside a device on checked baggage it should be okay but MAKE SURE YOU LOCK YOUR DEVICE. You wouldn’t want your atty to auto fire after your luggage shifts around and start a fire. That would absolutely destroy the vaping community alone.


3-1-1 Liquids Rule

By far the most annoying part about vaping is having to check your e liquid in a plastic bag along with your other liquids. This limits the amount of juice you can bring and is a pure hassle preparing ahead of time.

Liquids, gels, aerosols, creams and pastes must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or less per container; must be in 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. The bag limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring.

Good luck balancing how much juice you can fit vs. if you want shampoo / soap / whatever. If you’re checking a bag you’re good putting them in there though:

If your liquids are not in a secure, tamper-evident bag, you must pack them in your checked bag.

Flying with RTAs / Clearomizers / Tanks


If you fly with a tank, either empty them prior to flight or you want them to be about half full. If filled, turn them upside down during ascent or descent. I have a little zippered pouch that I keep my tanks in while flying and its real easy to just put them upside down in the seat back in front of you. OR you can keep your tanks empty until you get to your destination. I do not recommend vaping on planes as they’re still not understood and that’s also an interrogation waiting to happen. You can hold off for a few hours hopefully.

Individually bagging tanks is a very good idea, as they will leak due to the decreased air pressure at altitude. I go further by wrapping each tank in a little paper towel before packing.

Also, you don’t have to pull your mod out of your bag and put it in a tray with shoes and stuff, your choice.

Kanthal / Tools / Pliers / Other Accessories

This is a tricky area. Some tools are allowed like those little blue screw drivers while others are prohibited. You probably don’t want to bring your pliers, a big butane torch, a few hundred feet of kanthal, etc. Be smart about it and check the list to be sure. In fact I would recommend you build some spare coils and wick them in advance if you know you’re going to have to rebuild or rewick.




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