Easily build dozens of microcoils in minutes

Easily build dozens of microcoils in minutes


Easily build dozens of microcoils in minutes

We all know how to build coils by now, whether that be crazy quad parallel coils in a dripper or a simple standard coil in a kayfun or protank. This guide is designed to simplify that process with the use of some common tools to get those wraps consistent and faster than ever to build. You can stockpile coils and never have to worry about finding time to rebuild again!

Right now, 5/64″ diameter coils are the perfect balance. I wanted to make coil building easy, but I couldn’t find any 5/64″ tubing or wire. I did, however, find several substitutes that are “exactly the same”.

Here’s a quick comparison of this size:
5/64″ = .0782 inches
12ga wire = .080 inches
2mm = .0787 inches

When finding rod/tubing to wrap coils with, 5/64ths is pretty much the closest drill bit to use. It is 1/2000th of an inch smaller than 2mm, and a 2mm rod can easily be found in common household items.

If you want to easily wrap a microcoil on thread instead of by hand, find an M3 Bolt:

VaperCoils M3 Bolt Microcoil Wrap

7/64″ – 0.1094″ inside diameter, same as using a 7/64″ rod, but your turns are much more even.
3mm – 0.1181″ in – inside diameter of wick that can be squeezed through as a single strand.

Other tools you can use include 12 ga steel/copper/aluminum wire, which is available at most hardware stores, or a 2mm steel or brass rod.

For this article, you’ll see that I mostly use an M3 machine screw. Using an M3 bolt leaves you with a ~7/64″ coil. The M3 also provides nice threads to follow for perfect coils at ½ mm spacing that can then be easily squeezed into a micro coil and heated.

If you’d like both 5/64ths and even spacing while winding, find a 3-48 threaded rod (not a common item), it would leave you with a 0.079″ inside diameter coil, essentially 5/64in diameter.

Since we are trying to make something better than guessing by hand and sight, I find the threads make it much easier to make a perfectly uniform coil, rather than using a smooth rod where windings sometimes slide aren’t next to each other, and when pushed together, some are slightly larger than others.

I’d suggest the “Threaded bolt method” to anybody new at coils, a long M3 bolt can be gotten for 15 cents and makes coils come out like a pro the first try. (Just be sure to go along, with the threads, and not against them)

VaperCoils screw microcoil

I never heat the Kanthal until I make the micro coil itself. If the Kanthal is heated red hot and cooled, it is more pliable, but also more brittle, and can break when trying to screw it down, make a hard bend, etc.

Once your coil is “unscrewed” from the threads, it can be used as is, or pinched with a tweezers and heated red hot to make a micro coil:
VaperCoils pinch microcoil

In a short while, many coils that are identical can be made, using 5/4 turns here:
VaperCoils Easy Coil Wrapping

You can then save these in a small ziplock bag for when needed.

Feel free to apply this method for any kind of microcoil size. It all depends on what kind of bolt or rod you use! You can go bigger or small, tight wraps, twisted, parallel, whatever! The combinations are limitless and it’s up to your creativity as to what you can wrap!

Easy Silica Wicking:

Threading with 2mm Braided Silica x 2 to make it “Kayfun Ready”.
Thread the silica through a “bracelet needle” available at craft stores, or with a piece of Kanthal
VaperCoils silica easy coil
This is the only “hard” part, you need to support the coil, and pull the wick through. The term “yank” is sometimes more appropriate, but the better the contact the coil has with the wick, the more vapor is produced. If you pull too hard using the stainless bracelet threading needle, it will just cut through the silica.

Once it is pulled through, you only need to cut the wick in the middle of the loop to free your needle.
VaperCoils silica coil tutorial

It’s easy to make a lot of these in a small amount of time. A dozen can easily be made in under an hour. Save them all in a bag for coils for years and just pop them into a kayfun or dripper in minutes!
VaperCoils microcoil silica

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