DNA 30 / 40 / 50 Mods – What you can do with the DNA

DNA 30 / 40 / 50 Mods – What you can do with the DNA

FastTech DNA 30 Chip 1

Expert vapers and modders love the DNA 30 chip because of the unlimited potential it has to build a custom mod. Whatever you can envision, you can do with a DNA 30 chip. If you’re thinking of building a DNA 30 mod yourself, you should review the following questions beforehand to get a good idea of what you should prepare for (Credit: Credo).

What battery platform do you want? LiPo, ICR, IMR, or NCR? Will you be using single or multiple cells?

What is your target size here? Something large and long lasting? Light and stealthy? A good compromise between the two?

What charging set-up do you want? Removable cell(s)/pack(s), USB, Induction?

What form factor do you want? Box, Tube, Hybrid stuff?

What is your material choice for the chassis/body? Metal, Plastic, Wood?

Will you use ready made stuff (project boxes, etc.) or are you wanting something more custom (machined, 3d printed, carved, etc.)?

What kind of buttons/pots? The built in tactile buttons? Since these switches won’t carry much of a load you have TONS of choices here.

What kind of connector do you want? 510? Ego?

What kind of stuff do you ALREADY have at hand that might be useful?

What’s your budget?

Once you have some ideas going and can start to invision your mod and parts list…start searching for similar builds and learn. I.E. “How to wire Parallel 18650 batteries for DNA 30D”. “How to mount a screen in a DNA 30D” etc…

You can go as simple as soldering on a battery, charger board, 510 connector and dropping it into a bit of PVC pipe…or you can go all out with nearly anything you can envision (particularly if you can work with 3D modeling software and want to have something ‘printed’).

Interested in getting started yourself? FastTech has just released their version of the Hana Modz DNA 30 for only $27 w/ free shipping (lowest price ever). Check it out to learn more.

FastTech DNA 30 Chip 1FastTech DNA 30 Chip 2FastTech DNA 30 Chip


  • Variable Wattage from 7W-30W in .1 watt increment
  • OLED display shows battery charge state, volts and ohms
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Compatible with 0.5ohm~3.3ohm atomizers
  • Input voltage/current: 3.2-4.3V/1.5-7A
  • Output voltage/current: 4-8V/10A

HANA MODZ Pack DNA 30 VW Modules

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