Coil Builds and Examples for your Kayfun

Coil Builds and Examples for your Kayfun


Coil styles and Examples for your Kayfun and Russian 91%

Below is a compilation of different coil and builds you can produce for your Kayfun. Since everybody has their own preferences, choose which style works best for you and your comfort level. Builds include Kayfun microcoils, ribbon coils, standard coils, dual coils, double barrel builds, and vertical coils.

Kayfun Coil Builds and Examples



Here is a perfect Kayfun microcoil with a cotton wick installed. Notice how all the kanthal wire is touching together. This will ensure an even heating across all the wire and produce a great vape. Most of you should be using this example of what to aim for!

perfect kayful microcoil


1.5mm/28ga standard micro-coil





12 wrap 28g Nichrome 1.2-1.3ohm

Twisted Microcoil

Twisted Kanthal is a great way to get bigger coils with more contact area with a lower resistance (ohms). I’ve found that these take a few seconds to heat up but can produce some crazy amounts of vapor. Make sure you have a hand drill handy to twist the kanthal wire.

Kayfun twisted kanthal coil

Vertical Microcoil

The kayfun vertical coil is an alternative to your standard microcoil horizontally. This method has been claimed to have slightly better wicking properties but has also been reported to produce slightly less vapor.

kayfun vertical coil



Ribbon Coils

Ribbon Coil Build

This is two lengths of 2mm ekowool in “o-wicks” with two 6/7 wraps of ribbon for 0.9ohms – cracking vape at just 3.2v. This build is good for those that like to dry burn. The ribbon creates more surface area for the liquid to vaporize.

Kayfun ribbon wire coil

Standard Coils

Standard Coil

Here is a standard wrap (not a microcoil). These are traditional coils for those having trouble wrapping microcoils.

standard wrap kayfun coil



30g kanthanl 3-4 wrap on 2mm Ekowool

Dual Coils

Double Barrel

This build is what’s known as the Kayfun double barrel build. It has two microcoils in parallel. Very difficult to build as there is very little room in the chamber and if anything is touching the base or wall, will short. This is also going to be a very HOT vape.

kayfun double barrell

Dual Coil

Dual coil build on a kayfun is difficult to build correctly. Also, with such a small chamber, this is going to be a very HOT vape so be warned. You also risk melting the insulator when these coils heat up.

kayfun dual coil



28g kanthanl 6-7 wrap dual micro coil .7ohms


30awg kanthal dual coil 0.8ohms with cotton


“Deeduplex” .7 ohms with 28g


.5 ohm





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