Choose Your Vape: Single Coil vs Dual Coil Builds

Choose Your Vape: Single Coil vs Dual Coil Builds


With so many different atomizers, builds, guide, tutorials, and frankly other people’s opinions floating around out there, many people are unsure of how many coils they want in their mods. Today, I’m going to explain single and dual coil builds so you can make up your own mind! There are benefits to both sides and it’s ultimately up to your own tastes to decide which will work best for you.

Single coils:


There are still awesome benefits that only a single coil build can achieve. For starters, they’re simple and quicker to build, require less adjustments, and additionally SAVE BATTERY LIFE. That last one is huge depending on how often you vape. If you’re getting a great vape on only one coil currently, do you really want cut your battery life in half if you decide to add another coil? (Assuming you half the ohms, if you do a dual coil build with the same ohms battery life will be similar.)

Other people have a theory that by using a single coil build, you’ll get more flavor and even a denser vape with more vapor. Now obviously there are dozens of variables that can change this prediction (ohms, voltage level, atomizers, air flow, e-juice, VG or PG, kanthal gauge, etc). I’ve also found that single coils can make a better flavor than dual coils simply because all your air flow is being directed to one coil instead of being sent to two different coils. For flavor setups, single coils have all the advantages.

Reduced Battery Consumption
Enhanced Flavor
Easier to build
Cooler Vape (depending on build)
Less e-juice consumption

Dual coils:


If you want a seriously dense, warm/hot vape than it’s a no brainer that you want to make a dual coil build. It’s some pretty simple math here but 2 coils = more vapor than 1. Obviously, with two coils in the same atomizer you’re halving your resistance (ohms) right off the bat. 2 coils at 2 ohm each divided by 2 is giving your atomizer a resistance of 1 ohm instead of 2. That’s a big difference and is going to pull many more watts from your battery and get those coils nice and hot!

But with so much more energy going to 2 coils now, you’re trading off battery power. You’ll also need a battery like the Samsung 25r or LG He2 that has a CONTINOUS AMP LIMIT (Not pulse limit!!!) of 20 amps if you want to go below .3 ohms or so. Please don’t skimp on batteries here, you can get two authentic Samsungs or LGs for about $8 each. Invest in your safety.

Now keep in mind if you’re going super low into sub-ohm territory, you need a LOT of airflow to keep that vapor wicking and actually pull the vapor into your lungs. Drippers work well, tanks are tricky, and clearomizers are generally a NO. ­

More vapor
Warmer vape

Easier to get into sub-ohm territory

Quad Coils and Beyond:


Now if you’re really going for vapor production and are a risk-taker and also have a lot of patience, you can go with a quad coil build. You’re going to need a dripper designed specifically for quad-coil builds with several additional post holes and airflow slits but if you pull it off, it can be crazy. Obviously this is going to be a super hot vape and generally be in the range of .1 ohms so you NEED a safe battery with 30 amps continuous discharge like the Sony VTC5 VTC4 or VTC3. Most people won’t ever feel the need to go quad coil so I won’t get into too much detail but it is possible and it does work!


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