Building coils with surface area to produce the most vapor

Building coils with surface area to produce the most vapor


When it comes to producing vapor, aka clouds, it’s not about ohms, volts, watts, diamaters, wraps, etc. It’s primarily about one thing, and that is surface area. Surface area is primarily the amount of resistance wire that is in contact with the wick. The more wire on your wick, the more e-juice you can vaporize and get more vapor production.


On a regulated mod, then you want to go for the most surface area possible because you can increase the voltage to reach higher watts on a high resistance coil. For the most part, surface area on microcoils means more wraps and therefore more of the coil coming in contact with the coil. As you increase the wraps (and therefore the ohms) your regulated mods will increase the voltage to produce more watts. This is due to ohms law which I am sure a lot of you are familiar with by now.

So since regulated mods can control the voltage unlike mech mods, this mean you aren’t limited by the ohms of the coil to create more watts/power to the coil. For example:


So that’s the beauty of regulated mods & box mods like all these new devices coming out. You can easily build longer coils with more surface area but still control the amount of power being sent to the coil. You can vaporize more liquid and therefore produce more vapor.


On a mechanical mod you are limited by the voltage (set at 4.2 – 3.7 volts as the battery discharges) of the battery so the only way you can increase the watts is to lower the resistance of the coil. People seem to have forgotten that the whole point of lower resistance was to achieve a higher power output, not necessarily to produce more vapor. We can’t control the voltage so therefore our only option to control the amount of power going to the coils (watts) is through adjusting the ohms (resistance). Subohm coils were born this way and this started the demand for high amp limit and high performance batteries (like the Sony VTC4 18650 batteries that are so rare these days).


To get a lower resistance coil, this is done by using less wraps in a coil, a lower gauge kanthal, or by wrapping/twisting/parallel/Clapton techniques with the wire. The reason for these techniques is to increase the amounts of wraps that can be used while lowering the resistance of the coil. Too many times people who build for mech mods try to build the same way for regulated mods. They are different animals. They aren’t designed to run the same sorts of builds. You really need to know how to build customized coils to get the same surface area as easily as with a regulated device but it certainly can be done.

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