How to build a perfect Dragon Coil

How to build a perfect Dragon Coil

Build a Dragon Nano Coil

Cloud chasing has never been easier with a dragon coil

If you really want a cloud chasing build and appreciate a hot vapor, you’ve met your match. I am about to introduce you to the dragon coil. A very tiny nano coil that packs a hard punch. This thing produces major clouds so make sure you wick appropriately. Build the perfect dragon nano coil to produce insane vapor/cloud chasing clouds. Here’s how you do it.

Here’s what you’ll need…

2-8″ lengths of 28g Kanthal
20 gauge needle.
Wrap 14 wraps around the 20g needle , then do it again for the second, dual coil.

insert each lead as show, then using your 20g needle, bend each coil so the tail end is point down.

dragon_coil_position dragon_coils

the way to wick it is run a piece of cotton threw the neg and pos post on the other side of the coil, fold it up and back between the 2 post to cover the coil, then with the other end, bring it around the outside of the neg post and tuck under the coil, you want the whole coil covered except the end that’s on the positive post.


And there you go. A perfect dragon coil guaranteed to deliver an AMAZING vape with the right amount of air flow. Remember, you need a LARGE airflow to deliver all the vapor through the drip tip. If you can’t provide this on your current set up, you may have to drill large airholes. Search VaperCoils for a guide on that as well!

Happy vaping folks.

Credit: Spyk3

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