Build a Nanocoil

Step 1. Preparation


My basic toolkit for the build, including my Scuba tank and Diver, a 1 millimetre syringe needle, some cotton, a pre-built resistance/no-resistance wire which I bought from greyhaze, nail clippers, pliers, a lighter and a cocktail stick.

Step 2. Coiling


I don’t try to make this neat. Just get the needle and the wire in one hand, with one end of the resistance part of the wire on the needle, and wind it round to the other end of the resistance part, pulling the wire slightly all the time as you wind it, so it’s tight on the needle.

Step 3. Initial Tightening


Next smush it together on the needle as much as you can with your fingers, naking sure there are no overlapping coils.

Step 4. Oxidising and Re-tightening


Now take the coil off the needle and tighten it gently with the pliers, then flame it, then re-tighten it with the pliers a few times.

I find with this particular wire you can’t get all the coils to stay touching, because it’s just too damn thin. I don’t think these ones from greyhaze are kanthal actually but they do the job.

Shown back on the needle so you can see there are tiny gaps (click the pics to zoom). This doesn’t seem to affect the quality of the vape, which is absolutely smashing.

Step 5. Creating the Wick


Now take off a piece of cotton which is longer than you need. I really can’t emphasize enough how little cotton you want for these builds.

Step 6. Preparing the Wick


In fact this wick was still too fat for me, so I trimmed it along the length with the nail clippers before fitting it.

I don’t roll the entire length of cotton any more because it inhibits the wicking to have it at all tight, so after trimming it I just squeeze it a bit and then roll just the end I want to put through the coil, which I am going to discard anyway.

Step 7. Threading the Wick


Sorry this pic is a little blurry. I had it all built and was vaping it before I realised, and I’m not starting again.

This is the really fiddly part for a Diver build because you are not going to thread that cotton through the coil when it’s seated in the ceramic, so you have to hold the coil in one hand and the cotton in the other, thread the pointy end through until there’s just enough to grab hold of, and then switch your grip to pull the rest through.

If it’s not easy to pull through, you probably have too much cotton. Take it back out and trim it some more.

Once you’ve got it in the coils, fluff it out a bit more. If you haven’t rolled it, this should be easy.

Step 8. Et Finis

Here’s a pic of the finished article after fixing it in place and trimming off the excess wick.


I’m not going to go into how to fit the coil to the ceramic on here, because it’s absolutely no different to silica from this point onwards and if you have a Diver then you already know how to do that.

Credit: zigackly


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